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💫Welcome to PayAny - Discover the Power of POC:

EARN Big with your Contribution to a New Technology,
Dapps and ETH 20 based tokens  in a Decentralized Ecosystems

Where you are in full control over your own investments no matter what happens to the company.

 HOT- Be Part of Something BIG -HOT


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Earning Structure

You Automatic Receive Daily Payouts from your contributing level to your USDE which can be exchanged to your DPA Wallet where you can choose to HODL and earn on the increase of the Company Coin or back to your ETH Wallet to cash out Instantly


Your Daily Mining Earnings can be Exchanged to your DPA Utility Token that has already gone up by 28% in just a few weeks!

 Payany Referral Reward

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 Payany Become a Contributor


 Payany power of POC 

3 Simple Steps to Join

Step 1: Download TRUST Wallet Decentralized Application on your Apple Store / Google Play Store

Copy and paste Link download for IOS:

Copy and paste Link download for Android:

Update - MetaMask Users:

MetaMask will also work as a web based Wallet which can also be linked to Trust Wallet

Payany Register


When you open the Trust Wallet app write down the back up Phrase and keep it Safe, 
you will need to know the proper sequence to log in and need it for account recovery!

Step 2: Create a new wallet or “I already have a wallet”
Select continue and you will be prompted to insert you back up Phrase in the correct order

Note: Please keep in mind that, One Main Trust Wallet Just Only Sign Up One Account Payany 

Once Trustwallet is installed 

Step 3: Click the Dapps/browser the second symbol at bottom of screen

Copy and Paste the following link into the address line in the app
then click enter, Once on the Payany page select register and sign up!

 Enter your desired username and and make sure my user name profit4us 
is entered below then click register to check that it has registered you!

 Payany step 2 and 3 register

Verify Your Link 

Click the menu symbol , 3 lines, select statistics and organization

Your ref link should come up under Referral .

Funding TrustWallet  

Now, go to your Trustwallet App, click receive Etherium
to get receiving address.


Choose package and invest.  
The easiest is to decide on the package size first,
then transfer the necessary amount of ETH to your Trustwallet.

If the ETH is in your wallet, the investment process from the app
is fully automated and very smooth.


 Send Etherium equal to the package you want plus some extra for fees!

Once the Etherium is in your Trustwallet.
Go to dapps again and open Payany app.
Click the button corresponding to the amount you want to invest.
All should go automatic from there.

 Payany DPA mining pool

You will need to enter into the address line every time you want to access the app.
What I have done is to store the url on a note so I can just copy and paste.

 payany DPA Features

  payany on stage

Still Need Help?

Send an email to Steve Bianco 

 Payany Roadmap

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